Increasing Qualified Personnel to Work in the Field of Special Education


Welcome to the employer section of the Personnel Development Program’s Data Collection Center (DCC) Web site. The Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs’ Personnel Development Program awards grants to grantees. These awards are distributed by the grantee as scholarships to fund scholars training in the area of special education. These scholarships require a service obligation commitment of two years of eligible employment for each year of financial support. Individuals are referred to as “scholars” while still enrolled and until their service obligation has been fulfilled, because they have received funds from an OSEP-funded grant. DCC is responsible for tracking the service obligations of scholars funded by grants awarded in 2005 and any year thereafter, and scholars are required to report their status and employment information to DCC annually. This Web site provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about service obligation regulations/requirements and a portal to the Personnel Development Program Data Collection System (DCS), a secure, online database to collect scholar contact and service obligation information for tracking the fulfillment of service obligations.

DCC will send employers an email when the scholars have uploaded their employment information into the DCS, indicating a current or past employment position with their organization. The employers' responsibility is to log-in to the DCS using a secure URL which will be included in the email. The secure URL will direct employers to the employment record to be verified. If the information provided by the scholar is not accurate, the employer will simply click "disagree" for those responses. If the employer disagrees with the information provided by the scholar, they can submit additional information. Employment verification emails are sent once a year to employers. DCC anticipates that the verification process will take no longer than 10 minutes.