Increasing Qualified Personnel to Work in the Field of Special Education


Welcome to the scholar section of the Personnel Development Program Data Collection Center (DCC) Web site. This section is designed for individuals who have received a scholarship from a Personnel Development Program grant awarded in 2005 and any year thereafter. This Web site provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about service obligation regulations/requirements, and a portal to DCC’s Data Collection System (DCS), a secure, online database to collect scholar contact and service obligation information for the tracking of service obligation fulfillment.

Scholars funded by a Personnel Development Program grant awarded in 2005 and any year thereafter are required annually to update their contact and employment information in DCS. Individuals are referred to as “scholars” while still enrolled and until their service obligation has been fulfilled. When a grantee and scholar submit a Pre-Scholarship Agreement, a record has been created for this scholar and the scholar receives an email with instructions on how to access the DCS. When the scholar exists or completes the program, the grantee and scholar complete an Exit Certification. Scholars must login to DCS and verify the contact and service obligation information entered by the grantee and enter employment records for positions that fulfill their service obligation. DCC will send a follow up email to employers for verification. Scholars may begin to fulfill their service obligation through eligible employment while still enrolled in the preparation program after they have completed one academic year of training. These scholars are provided access to DCS when the grantee submits their record in the DCS. To log-in to the DCS, please click here.