Welcome to the employer section of the Professional Development Program’s Data Collection System (PDPDCS) website. The purpose of the Office of Indian Education (OIE) Professional Development Program (PD) grant program is to provide grants to eligible entities for increase the number of qualified Indian individuals in professions that serve Indian people; provide training to qualified Indian individuals to become teachers, administrators, teacher aides, social workers, ancillary educational personnel; and improve the skills of qualified Indian individuals who serve in the education field. OIE awards grants to institutions of higher education (IHE) that then provide funding and support to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees and/or certificates in education. The participants who accept funding and training under this program must perform work that benefits Native people and is related to their training, or assistance must be repaid.

The PDPDCS sends an email to the participant’s employer when the participant submits his/her employment information into the PDPDCS, indicating a current or past employment position with the organizations. The employers' responsibility is to access the PDPDCS using the secure URL included in the email. The secure URL directs the employer to the employment record to be verified. If the information provided by the participant is not accurate, the employer should click "disagree" for those responses and then provide additional information on what the correct response. The verification process should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Employers are encouraged to contact the Help Desk for further information and assistance.