Welcome to the participant section of the Professional Development Program Data Collection System (PDPDCS). This section is designed for individuals who have received training benefits from a Professional Development Program (PDP) grant awarded in 2009 and any year thereafter. The PDPDCS is a secure, online data collection system that collects participants’ contact, training and service payback information for use in reporting PDP performance measures and tracking service payback fulfillment.

The participant who receives training benefits under a PDP grant awarded in 2009 and any year thereafter is required to update his/her contact and employment information in the PDPDCS at minimum every six months. After a grantee and participant complete and sign a Service Payback Agreement, the grantee creates a record for the participant in the PDPDCS and uploads the Service Payback Agreement. The PDPDCS will then email the participant instructions on how to access the system. Any participant who has not received this email should contact the PDPDCS Help Desk. While enrolled in the grant training program, all participants should log into the PDPDCS at least once every six months to monitor the number of months of training benefit received and the total dollar amount of funding received.

When the participant exits or completes the program, he/she must log into the PDPDCS within 30 days and indicate an intention to either repay the funds through service payback or cash payback. Service payback will only be possible if the participant has successfully met all program requirements. A participants electing to repay through service payback must login into the PDPDCS every six months to update his/her contact information and submit employment records. Upon submission of the employment record, the PDPDCS automatically sends an email to the participant’s employers requesting verification of the information entered by the participant.

The PDPDCS has developed several resources to support participants, including screenshots of the participant data entry pages; Frequently Asked Questions, and a Participant Quick Reference Guide. Participants are encouraged to contact the Help Desk for further information and assistance.

To log into the PDPDCS, please click here.