Increasing Qualified Personnel to Work in the Field of Special Education

Training and Resources - By Topic

Digital Agreements

Digital PSA Demo Video

Demonstration of how to use the digital Pre-Scholarship Agreement to create a scholar record.

Digital EC Demo Video

Demonstration of how to use the digital Exit Certification within a scholar record to exit a scholar.

Reviewing the Digital EC Demo for Scholars

Demonstration of how to review and either approve or dispute the information in the digital Exit Certification as a scholar.

Data Entry

How is OSEP PDPDCS Data Used?

Information about OSEP PDPDCS Performance Measures and PDPDCS data collection

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication Enrollment Instructions

A short guide on using Multi-Factor Authentication with the PDPDCS

Multi-Factor Authentication Demo for logging into the PDPDCS

How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication on your device in order to log into the PDPDCS

Multi-Factor Authentication Training Slides

How Multi-Factor Authentication can protect your privacy and Frequently Asked Questions on using it with the PDPDCS

Grantee Checklist

System Security