Increasing Qualified Personnel to Work in the Field of Special Education


Welcome to the grantee section of the Personnel Development Program Data Collection System (PDPDCS) website. This section of the website is designed for grantees that have been awarded grants from the Office of Special Education Programs' (OSEP) Personnel Development Program in 2005 and any year thereafter. This website provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about service obligation regulations/requirements and a portal to the Data Collection System, a secure, online database to collect scholar contact, training and service obligation information for use in reporting program performance measures and for tracking the fulfillment of service obligations.

Grantees must enter into the PDPDCS the name, address, email address, social security number, training information and service obligation details of each scholar as well as provide any other information that is necessary to carry out the Secretary's functions under section 662 of IDEA. Project Directors are sent an email from PDPDCS with login instructions for accessing the PDPDCS. The grant Project Director must login to PDPDCS and enter information for each scholar funded by a Personnel Development Program grant awarded in 2005 and any year thereafter (grantees may register one additional staff member for login access to the PDPDCS). A grant profile has been entered for each grant based on information provided from OSEP. Grants are identified by the grant award number. To login to the PDPDCS, please click here.