Increasing Qualified Personnel to Work in the Field of Special Education

Personnel Development Program Regulations

Regulations/Requirements by grant Fiscal Year (FY) as printed in the Federal Register

The Personnel Development Program Data Collection Center (DCC) is responsible for tracking the service obligations of scholars funded by Personnel Development Program grants awarded in fiscal year (FY) 2005 and any year thereafter. Grants awarded in FY 2005 are governed by the 2005 Requirements. Grants awarded in FY 2006 and later are governed by the 2006 Regulations. To determine which year your grant was funded, identify the 6th and 7th characters in the grant number (i.e. H325K071234 funded in FY 07).

The 1999 regulations apply to scholars funded by grants awarded in fiscal year 2004 and before and are listed on the Web site for your convenience. Grantees are responsible for tracking the service obligation of scholars supported by grants awarded in FY 2004 and earlier. Scholars whose service obligations are governed by the 1999 regulations should direct their questions to the grantee from which their grant funding was obtained. Grantees who have questions about grants awarded in fiscal year 2004 and before should contact the U.S. Department of Education, and if reporting a scholar that needs to repay all or part of the scholarship he or she received, please send this information by mail to the following address:

OSEP Service Obligation Contact
Data Collection Center
OSEP Service Obligation Referral Desk
1700 Research Blvd., RB2268
Rockville, MD 20850